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Visual Link Windows Vista Mail Setup

Home » Support » Windows (Vista) Mail Setup

To configure your Windows Mail client:

  1. Enable POP in your mail account (see above)

  2. Open Windows Mail.

  3. Click the 'Tools' menu, and select 'Accounts...'

  4. Choose the 'Mail' tab at the top.

  5. If you currently have your Visual Link account(s) set up using the gmail system you will want to select and then remove them utilizing the remove button to the right.

  6. Click Add...
  7. Select Email Account, and click Next.
  8. Enter your name as you would like it to appear in the 'From:' field of outgoing messages, and click Next.
  9. Enter your full Visual Link email address in all lowercase letters (, and click Next.
  10. Fill in all necessary fields to include the following information:
Incoming e-mail server type: POP3
Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server:
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:

11. Click Next, and verify that your Visual Link username (The part before the @ symbol) is filled in correctly. Fill in your password.

12. Click Next, and then click Finish. Windows Mail will begin downloading your mail. When it finishes, click OK. You're done! Close the Internet Accounts window.

Congratulations! You are done configuring Windows Mail.