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Windows 2000 Dial-up Setup

Home » Support » Dial-Up Setup Menu » Windows 2000 Dial-up Setup

Create a Dial-up Connection:
  1. Click the right mouse button on My Network Places on the desktop
  2. Double click on My Computer
  3. Duble click on Control Panel
  4. Double click on Network and Dial-up connections
  5. Double click on Make New Connection. If this is the first time you have configured Windows 2000 to dial a connection for you, a location information window will appear. Put in the correct country and area code information and then select OK. Click OK again in the Phone and Modem Options window.
    The Network Connection Wizard should now start:
  6. Select "Dial-up to the Internet" and select Next
  7. Select "I want to set up my Internet connection manually, or want to connect through a local area network (LAN)" and select Next
  8. Choose modem, ensure that the correct modem has been selected and click Next
  9. Select "I want to connect through a phone line and a modem," select Next
  10. In the Telephone Number field type 6789179 and make sure that the "Use area code and dialing rules" is not checked and select Next
  11. Type in the your username and password in the appropriate fields making sure to use lowercase. Click Next
  12. Type in what you would like to call the connection that has just been configured, eg. Visual Link, and select Next
Create a dial-up shortcut on the desktop:
  1. In the Network and Dial-up Connections window, click the right mouse button on the connection you just created
  2. Select Create Shortcut from the drop-down list
  3. Click OK at the message that appears
  4. The shortcut will now be on the desktop
Connect to the Internet: To Disconnect: